The Line Service Technicians Most Referenced Guides Have Gone Digital

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X-1 Sandpiper is a comprehensive guide that provides important handling and servicing details for 100's of common and not so common aircraft from across the globe.

The goal of X-1 Sandpiper is to give Line Service Technicians and Ground Handlers the world over a one stop source for one of a kind, important aircraft handling information.

Airplane catalog

Search Over 300 Different Aircraft.

If you're looking for the fuel capacity of a Grumman F-14 (cause it is still the best navy fighter ever created) or you need to refamiliarize yourself with the fuel on a G-650 just start typing the information into the search bar and X-1 Sandpiper will provide you with the information.

Airplane data

Easy to Read Data.

See an easy to read data screen that would be very familiar to anyone that has ever opened a Sandpiper Guide in the past. Now you can click on the icons and drill down to get more detailed information. Click on the fuel icon and you can see the fuel panel and fueling details from the aircraft manual.

Fuel panels

Drilling Down to Detail

X-1 Sandpiper allows you to access an unprecedented amount of detail when it comes to safely and efficiently servicing aircraft. When you start clicking icons you can get information on towing, fueling, fuel panels and more...

Coming Soon

View a full 3-D model of the aircraft and take a close up look at the service points and aircraft details no 2-D image could replicate.

Power of Integration

X-1 Sandpiper will be directly linked to our X-1FBO Management and Payment Processing system to provide a fully integrated solution. If you are using X-1FBO and want more information on the aircraft type when you're in the SinglePoint App on the ramp fueling, just click the ICAO code. Need this data in your companies existing systems just click here to find out how..

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